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Loyal Building Services, Inc. is committed to providing the best possible services for our clients and potential clients. Loyal’s executive team brings over 50 years of experience in the industry.


We've become accustomed to meeting demanding schedules and maintaining the highest standards of excellence for both public and private facilities. By focusing on your needs and attending to every detail, from staffing to supplies, we allow you to concentrate on running your business, confident that Loyal Building Services, Inc. will maintain your facility to your highest standards.


Thank you for visiting our website and check back for news and updates. 

-Kevin Henniger, President and CEO

Committed to Providing the Highest Quality Service

About us

Give us a call and we'll show you how we can reduce your maintenance costs.


Experienced provider

Green Seal certified programs & supplies

State of the art equipment

Quality Control Program

Innovative training program

Strong on-site supervision

Employee background checks

Corporate Support

Environmental vigilance 

Stable work force

Loss Prevention Specialist on staff

Traditionally, maintenance and management services have been viewed as required expenses. We see them as an opportunity to add value to your operations. Loyal always seeks ways to do things more effectively. 
Very high Customer retention based on quality service.

Loyal Advantage


The QC-Loyal program identifies areas of concern and allows us to correct any deficiencies quickly and effectively, before they become a problem for our clients.

The benefits of this program are:

Data collection using hand-held technology

Centralized data base

Customized job specifications

Reports and graphs available at multiple levels

Identify maintenance defects

Audits can be performed at any interval 

Director of Quality Control oversees process

Quality Control


Loyal is committed to providing consistent, high quality service across all geographical areas, for any size facility and any type of industry. This ability to conform to a high standard is accomplished through an intensive training program known as The Loyal Way.

Supervisors and Managers are certified as Train-the-Trainers to provide immediate, on-site instruction and re-training. We work with our vendor/partners to provide quarterly training programs for cleaning equipment and cleaning products. Annual training is provided for safety, customer service and loss prevention topics.


Loyal is dedicated to environmentally responsible practices. We strive to maintain our client's facilities through the use of cleaning chemicals, equipment and procedures, which are not harmful to the environment. In working with safe cleaning solutions we also protect the people using the space cleaned and the Loyal employees who are cleaning the space.

Our green initiatives include:

Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals

Equipment which does not produce by-products harmful to the environment

Hybrid vehicles for our corporate fleet

HEPA filters for all vacuum cleaners

Consumables with 10% or more post-consumer recycled content 

Use of micro fiber technology and reusable cleaning supplies 

Scheduling floor maintenance when the building is not occupied 

EPA-registered disinfectants for  restroom cleaning

Commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle

Training Program
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